ECO+ a young and dynamic manufacturer and distributor specialized in minor elements, as well as mineral and organic fertilizers. We produce and distribute over one hundred and fifty products such as liquid, soluble and granular micro nutrients and fertilizers. Our large inventory and our production capacity allow us to quickly serve clients in agriculture, horticulture, green houses and industries. Our products and services are now known and appreciated all across Canada and the North east of the United-States.

If you are searching for any specialty fertilizers or if you are not sure what product you are looking for while knowing what your needs are, check our web site or get in touch with us by e-mail or phone.
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Marc Richard Agr

President of ECO+ inc.

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ECO+ was created in 2003 by a joint venture between Fertichem Inc. and Marc Richard Agr. Our corporate goal was, and still remains today, to offer the Agricultural, Horticultural, Green House and Industrial trade a large choice of specialty fertilizers and micro nutrients, all under the same roof. We now offer liquid, soluble and granular micro nutrients and fertilizers